Tiffany Reid

Tiffany Reid

Vancouver, BC


I enjoy using acrylics, textured pastes, resin, and recycled materials to create my original paintings and mix media sculptures. Not only do the textures and resins really bring depth and emotion to each piece, I also feel that they tell an interesting narrative. The viewer might want to touch them, question them, be a part of them or, if I've allowed the viewer's mind to go that far, be transported to an unimaginable place. 

Each of my pieces are thoughtfully crafted with the aim of taking the viewer on emotional and sensorial journey. My work takes on various unpredictable forms, constantly challenging one's perspectives. My intention is connect to the active part of the brain, leaving a hint, new idea, question, or feeling, each unique for the viewer to conceptualize. Just one image can evoke an ocean of emotions, unlocking an entire person's perception. I attempt to convey energy, paradox, strength and beauty.

My latest works, the Lunar Tide Collection 2018, is a unique body of work that captures the mutual attraction between the moon, earth, and ocean. The moon pulls water upwards, while the earth holds it down. I use bright contrasting colors, and textured pastes to express Mother Earth's powerful struggle. Like the ocean, I myself, am challenged by the internal struggle to stay on earth. However, I manage to find a delicate balance of chaos and structured order in these terrestrial themed paintings. I have always found the dynamic relationship between ocean and moon fascinating and magical. As a child, I always wondered what was beyond the stars, and why the sea rises and falls in harmony with the moon. The power and strength of nature is truly fascinating to me, and gives me an incredible amount of inspiration every day. 



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